Philosophy and Resolution

The department focuses on creating the superior agricultural engineering graduates,

conveying the technology to the agricultural sector, producing the researches to provide the

benefits to the country development, and having the etiquette in their profession, according to

be a part of developing the country securely.

History of the Department

The Agricultural Engineering program was established in 1987 due to Thailand as an agricultural country.
Therefore, the development of agriculture is very crucial, and bringing the applied technology for agriculture is the
way in developing the Thai agriculture.
Learning the agricultural engineering is also take an important role. This course covering the agriculture, however,
the agricultural engineering has to learn in various majors such as engineering, agriculture, and science. Whether
mechanics, electricity, civil, agriculture or others, the agricultural engineering is both knowledge and arts taking
various majors to combine with the same purpose “producing the quality food delivers to the customer safely”.


We are willing to establish both a national and international reputation including the academic and research in the agricultural engineering throughout being a part of developing the country with prosperity.


1. To create the quality, moral and ethical graduates who are able to think and solve the problems throughout applying the knowledge to use effectively relating to the country’s need.
2. To produce and enhance both fundamental and applied researches on mastering in national and international standard.
3. To provide and deliver the technologies to the society, and cooperate with the other organizations on commercial development prospering the economic and society of the country.